Real Estate Management Hierarchy

Real estate management is a team of professionals to deal with the buying, selling, owning or renting the commercial, residential and industrial properties. Real estate property management officials have clear understanding of operating expenses and budgeting of the property. In any organization, the hierarchy is very important as it has always been for optimizing work. In the same manner, real estate management hierarchy also helps in delegating and coordinating the task in the real estate organization. There are three levels in this hierarchy and here it is starting from the highest.

Highest Level Management

The professionals those come under the top level real estate management are described below:

  • Director
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief operating Officer
  • Managing Director
  • Chief Finance Officer
  • Senior Accounting Manager
  • Senior Law Consultant

In real estate management hierarchy the major decisions and responsibilities are divided between top level management. The main focus of senior level professional is maintaining high quality and a consistent business entity. These managers have specific responsibilities which include marketing, finance, planning and management or research and development. Top level real estate management officials make all decisions in accordance with the company goal or mission. They choose the right employees based upon their specialty and delegate the jobs to them.

Mid Level Management

Mid level real estate management consists of numerous profiles which are as follows:

  • Project Director
  • General Manager
  • Assistant General Manager
  • Deputy Director
  • Assistant director
  • Accounting & payroll Manager
  • Legal Consultant
  • Legal Assistant
  • Real Estate Management Hierarchy

In real estate management hierarchy, these professionals are responsible for overall business development and administrative support in the real estate firm. Mid level professionals also play vital part in developing good public relations and to do so they arrange business development programs such as leadership programs, speaking opportunities etc. They keep an eye on asset accounting, materials management, financial accounting and controlling components which will help them for smooth and effective functioning in the real estate organization. They handle all the issues which were quite critical for executive management professionals. The major task of middle level managers is to identify the development objectives related to their real estate firm and work in the right direction to reach the goal.

Lower Level Management

This level of real estate management hierarchy has many different real estate job profiles which have their own specific role and duty in the organization. Various profiles are written below:

  • Regional Manager
  • Admin Manager
  • Brokerage Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Sales Executive

Professionals just begin their career when they enter in this level. They are supposed to work under the supervision and guidance of the mid level professionals. These officials work together as a team and make a good working and learning environment. These executives utilize their knowledge and make a commitment to attain their target. Lower level management professionals are dedicated to create good relations with the clients.