Real Estate Jobs Hierarchy

A real estate company is a kind of an organisation which is engaged in selling, purchasing and renting of real estate properties such as industrial, commercial and residential. Real Estate Company is made up of many job positions and designations that help in its smooth functioning and conducting the operations.

Any such organization delegates its various tasks and duties to several employees, on the basis of which jobs are divided. This is how the real estate job hierarchy is decided and designed. The following is a description of the hierarchy of real estate positions:

Top Level Job Positions

The top level executives of a real estate company are those employees who handle the main roles and responsibilities of a real estate company. These officials are involved in handling the financial aspects of the company and also decide about the goals and objectives of the company.  Some other company aspects which top level officials handle are management, development, marketing and planning etc.

1. Director

The director of a real estate company is basically the owner of a real estate company.

2. Chief Executive Officer

This is another top level position in a real estate company. He/she is responsible for handling the major operations of the company.

3. Chief Operating Officer

another top level position in a real estate company who reports to the Director.

4. Chief Finance Officer

Chief finance officer heads the finance department of the real estate company.

5. Managing Director

The managing director heads the administrative aspect of a real estate company.

6. Senior accounting officer

7. Senior law consultant

8. Direct of real estate

Mid- Level Job Positions

The main level job positions in a real estate company are those job positions which are taken up by those who handle the administrative aspect of this business.  They help in the overall business development of the company and help in its efficient working.  Some aspects of the business which mid-level job executives handle are financial accounting, asset accounting, controlling components and material real estate management.  The following is the hierarchy of mid-level jobs in a real estate company.

  • Project director
  • General manager
  • Deputy director
  • Assistant director
  • Assistant general manager
  • Legal consultant
  • Legal assistant
  • Accounting and payroll manager
  • Appraisal manager
  • Marketing coordinator
  • Appraiser
  • Agent
  • Inspector
  • Home inspector
  • Sales assistant
  • Mortgage specialist
  • Mortgage professional
  • Real estate consultant
  • Mortgage advisor
  • Licensed sales consultant
  • Commercial real estate broker

Entry Level Job Positions

Entry level job positions of a real estate company are those positions which are taken by those who have little experience in this field. These employees are at the starting phase of their career.  They work in a team and execute tasks which are assigned to them by mid-level executives.

These professionals are in touch with customers and clients and are targeted towards achieving the company’s goals. The following is the hierarchical system of the entry level job positions in a real estate company.

  • Regional manager
  • Admin manager
  • Brokerage manager
  • Sales executive
  • Sales manager
  • Title examiner
  • Underwriter
  • Sales assistant
  • Loan underwriter
  • Real estate clerk
  • Mortgage loan underwriter
  • Loan processor
  • Home inspector
  • Broker
  • Closing agent
  • Closing coordinator
  • Foreclosure specialist
  • Loan documents closer
  • Loan documents coordinator
  • Realty specialist