Retail Company Hierarchy

A retail company is a company which is responsible for selling out products manufactured by a number of manufacturing companies. The way the retail industry functions and works in today’s time and date greatly vary from the way it used to work about a decade ago. There have been many changes in way of shopping, tastes, preferences and also the store concept.

Within the retail industry or within retail companies, there is a certain hierarchical structure that is followed where the persons with the most responsibilities are at the top of the hierarchy where those with entry level duties lie at the bottom. To understand the hierarchy of a retail company, you can go through the following given information.

retail company hierarchy

The Top/Senior/Strategic Level

The topmost level of the retail company is the level where the main decisions are taken and where lies the maximum power and decision making abilities. Those at the topmost level are responsible for the strategic decisions that can help the company in gaining maximum profits. All the job workers at this particular level can be referred to as the Think tanks of the organization who make decisions for other workers to follow.

  • CEO/Chairman/President
  • CFO or Chief Financial Officer
  • CMO or Chief Marketing Officer
  • Head/Country Head, HR
  • Brand Head
  • Sales Head
  • Head of finance department
  • Head of marketing departments
  • Head, Advertising and PR

The Managerial Level

The next level in a retail company or its hierarchy is that of the managers who handle the main administrative duties of the company and see to it that everything is well managed, well-coordinated and runs smoothly. The following are all the major job positions which fall under this category.

  • Brand Executive
  • Zonal/Regional Business Manager
  • Area Sales Manager
  • Manager, HR
  • Store Manager
  • General manager
  • Associate manager
  • Warehouse administrator
  • Inventory controller
  • Quality controller
  • Finance manager
  • Accounting manager
  • Logistics In-Charge
  • Merchandiser

The Executive/Entry Level

The executive or entry level positions in a retail company are those positions which deal with customer interactions, client communications, making sales, handling stores and following instructions of the main decision makers.  These individuals are the frontline executives whose job is to ensure making maximum sales for maximum revenues.  The following are the main job positions which fall under this category of hierarchy.

  • Counter Sales Executive
  • Customer Care Associate/Executive
  • Assistant Merchandiser
  • Stock In-Charge
  • Sales Associate/Executive/Trainee
  • Warehouse manager
  • Inventory executive
  • Clerk
  • Accountant
  • Assistant accountant
  • Interns
  • trainees
  • Secretary
  • Transport manager