Manufacturing Company Hierarchy

The manufacturing Company incorporates the development of refined and finished products from raw material. To accomplish the goals and targets manufacturing company designs a hierarchy.  The idea for developing a hierarchical structure aids in delegating the jobs and responsibilities among the professionals.

Manufacturing Company hierarchy is showed below and illustrates that how the specific tasks are formally alienated, co-ordinated and accomplished.

Manufacturing Company Hierarchy

  • Board of directors
  • Managing Director
  • CEO (Chief executive Officer)
  • General Manager Operations
  • Marketing Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Human Resource Managment Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Works Manager
  • Foreman
  • Supervisor
  • Workman

Board of Directors

In manufacturing company Management board of director defines roles and responsibilities for professionals. They are responsible for the overall functioning and strategy planning for the company. Their key functions in the organization involve the hiring, overseeing, maintaining, evaluating the officials. Deciding the goals, targets and vision for the company are also the function of board of directors.


The CEO of the company is responsible for overall functioning of the organization along with its growth & development.

Managing Director

 Managing director is the senior level professional and therefore accountable for the managing organization and day to day operations. He/she is answerable to board of directors for the overall performance of the organization.

General Manager Operations

General Manager Operations of the manufacturing company is liable to oversee the demand and requirement of the raw material, machinery and tools and production of the material. He/she designs and develops a proper strategy to accomplish the project in specific time. The key functions of the general manager operations involve the assigning of the tasks amongst various officials and monitoring the quality and quantity of the products.

Marketing Manager

 The marketing manager of a manufacturing company is responsible for creating, developing and implementing the market strategy. He does the market research and develops the analysis of the competitor products.

Finance Manager

 Finance Manager defines the budget for the particular project. He/she assures the cost control of all procurements and expenditures.

Human Resource Manager

 In a manufacturing company hierarchy, recruitment and selection of employees are done by human resource manager. He/she manages the execution of performance management process.

Production Manager

 Production Manager in manufacturing company makes the proper plan and designs the production policy in consultation with other managers. His/her overall responsibilities involve the monitoring of quantity, quality, cost, labour requirement to accomplish the project within the time limit.


 The roles and responsibilities of the foreman of the manufacturing company are to supervise the officials working in factory as well as in office. Preparing and developing the daily production report is also the key function of the foreman.


 The supervisor in manufacturing company, keep an eye on the production methods, quality of products and equipment performance. He/she motivates the workers to improve the efficiency and performance to achieve the goals.


  The workmen in manufacturing company produce the product either manually or with the help of tools. These are the people who perform the most basic jobs in the company.