Rizzuto Crime Family Hierarchy

Rizzuto is a crime family which is based on Montreal, Quebec. The FBI often considers the Rizzuto family to be linked to the famous Bonnano Crime family tree but according to the Canadian law enforcement, both the families are separate and have no link.  Within this mafia or criminal family, there is a certain hierarchy structure that is followed.

According to this structure, the head of the family or the leader is given the title of the Boss and it is the boss who takes the major decisions. He also holds the maximum responsibility and works with the help of subordinate workers or family members. Let’s get to know more about the Rizzuto crime family hierarchy:

rizzuto crime family hierarchy


Vito Rizzuto was the Boss of the Rizzuto mafia family and was the person who took all the major decisions. He held the maximum power and no one could go against his say. He maintained a low profile but still managed to remain at the top of Canada’s criminal underworld.  He only worked with people who were close to him.


Under the Boss came the Underboss who too held a position of importance and was the second in command in the Rizzuto crime family. He reported directly to the boss and took many of the important decisions.


The consigliere was another person who directly reported to the Boss and was the one who handled the major tasks and crimes in Canada without knowing to Canadian Police. He worked as per the instructions of the Boss but had the power to take his own as well. Nicolo Rizzuto served as the Consigliere under Vito Rizzuto.

Captains and Lieutenants

The Captains and the Lieutenants came next to the underboss and the consigliere and each of them was given a different division or department to handle and work on.  These people reported to the Underboss and in some cases, even the boss. Some of the captains included Frank Martorana, Francesco Arcadi whereas some of the Lieutenants included Valentino Morielli and Emanuele.


Under the captains and lieutenants came the Soldiers who helped the others in their tasks and executed tasks as ordered by the captains or underbosses. There are many who worked as soldiers in the Rizzuto crime family and some of them included Antonio Marabella, Francesco Cotroni Jr. and Raymond Fernandez etc.

On the sidelines

On the sidelines were some helpers of the Rizzuto family who didn’t belong to the actual inner circle but proved to be of help when needed.