Royal Australian Navy Hierarchy

The Royal Australian Navy hierarchy is an apposite and systematic arrangement of all the naval ranks of the royal Australian navy which is the naval branch of the Australian Defense Force. The Australian navy was granted the title of ‘Royal Australian Navy’ in the year 1911 and got responsible for the defense of the region. The Royal Australian Navy is normally abbreviated as the RAN and has always got continuous support from the British Royal Navy along with additional blue-water defense ability in the Pacific up to the early years of the World War II.

Now if we consider the appropriate Royal Australian Navy hierarchy then the structure can be considered as below starting with the top most power and authority holder naval rank in Australian Navy and then proceeding forward in descending order. Just have a quick look at the major levels of the hierarchy:

  • Admiral of the Fleet – This is the highest rank in the Royal Australian Navy hierarchy. The NATO ranking of this rank is O – 11. This is basically a five star rank and is currently inactive.
  • Admiral – Admiral is the highest active rank right now in the Royal Australian Navy hierarchy. This rank was created as a direct equivalent of the British Navy rank of Admiral. It is a four star rank with NATO rank code O – 10.
  • Vice Admiral – This is the second highest active rank with a NATO ranking O – 9. It is a three star rank.
  • Rear Admiral – Rear Admiral is a two star rank with a NATO military ranking O – 8. This is generally the lowest of the admiral ranks.
  • Commodore – This rank is sometimes also abbreviated as CDRE or COMO. This is basically a one star rank with a NATO ranking O- 7.
  • Captain – Captain is the title given in the English speaking navies with a NATO ranking of O – 6. The naval officer who commands a ship is provided with this honorable title.
  • Commander – This rank of RAN is like the rank of the British Royal Navy in description and in practice as well. The NATO ranking of this title is O – 5.
  • Lieutenant Commander – A lieutenant commander is a senior department officer on a large ship or shore installation subordinate to the Commander with a NATO ranking O – 4.
  • Lieutenant – Lieutenant basically means ‘second in command’. This rank in Royal Australian Navy military hierarchy is subordinate to the Lieutenant Commander rank with a NATO ranking O – 3.
  • Sub Lieutenant – This is normally a junior officer rank with a NATO ranking code O – 2.
  • Acting Sub Lieutenant – This is the second lowest active commissioned officer rank in the Royal Australian Navy hierarchy with a NATO ranking code O – 1.
  • Midshipman – A midshipman is a commissioned officer of the junior most rank or an officer cadet in this hierarchy with a NATO ranking code S – 1.