Sales Jobs Hierarchy

Sales jobs hierarchy showcases the different sales job titles in the industry but in a specified ladder of ranks. Sales associates are hired by the companies to sell their products along with the services.

Normally people confuse sales and marketing as the same thing, marketing is to market the product so as to provide a solid platform for the sales associate to sell the product. Sales associates are hired in every company whether it is a big enterprise or a small firm. A lot of hard work, dedication and passion is required in a sales associate to achieve the targets in amorous way during the time provided by the company. This hierarchy is described briefly from the highest level in the hierarchy to the lowest level in the hierarchy as below.

Sales Jobs Hierarchy
Sales Jobs Hierarchy

Sales Director

The top level job title in the sales job hierarchy is sales director. In the corporate sector, this title is also referred as national sales executive, the top manager in the sales jobs hierarchy. Sales director is required to report to his /her immediate superior officer whether a managing director or a chief executive officer. The major job duties include making strategic visions and plans for the entire sales department along with providing support and guidance to entire team to work for the company’s profit and success.

Chief Sales Executive

Sub ordinate to sales director job title is chief sales officer job title. They lead the entire sales department in absence of a sales director in the company. Minimum of a master’s or bachelor’s degree in sales and marketing is demanded by the companies along with fine years of experience in the same field to provide this designation.

Area Sales Manager

As the name implies, area sales manager handles and manages sales department of an entire area for his company. In some companies, this designation is referred to as branch sales manager depending on the company’s level and scale. But the job duties are same for both the designation i.e. to supervise the entire sales team in their area or in their branch.

Sales Team Leaders

Sales team leader job position is the next job position in the sales job hierarchy. They lead a team of sales associates who work under the guidance of sales team leader for the fulfillment of the goals and targets. A sales team leader is answerable to area sale manager for all the outputs, positive or negative. These are experienced professionals with thorough knowledge of the sales department.

Sales Trainee

The lowest job title in the sales job title hierarchy is a sales trainee also referred as sales associates in some companies. These are normally fresher graduates who are just at the entry level and looking forward for a bright career in sales field. They are provided with a stipend from the company and report directly to their team leader.