Sales Staff Hierarchy

Sales career is always for those who have gift of outstanding communication skills, an energetic & charming personality along with tremendous sales skills in their behavior. The key principle of any sales job is to offer clients with a support to contrast evaluate and comprehend the best suitable options available whilst buying an enviable product. The sales staff hierarchy is explained briefly as below in this article starting with the highest level and ending with the lowest one means starting with the one with the premier administrative decision making rights & authority and ending with the lowest one.

Highest Sales Staff Titles

This is the highest level in the sales staff hierarchy. These professionals handle the administrative job duties for the company. Their core duties are engaged in emerging new pioneering strategies for a successful sales growth. Moreover these professionals also set up objectives for the company’s sales team. These are essentially the core decision makers for the corporation for the sales department. The high level job profiles for the sales staff hierarchy are described below –

  • Chief Sales Executive
  • Sales Director
  • National Sales Manager
  • Sales Vice President
  • General Manager – Sales
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • National Sales coordinator and Distributor
  • Senior Sales Accountant
  • Zonal Sales Manager
  • Senior Sales Consultant
  • Area Sales Manager
  • Senior Sales Manager
  • Sales Administrator

Middle Sales Staff Titles

Majority of the businesses occupy their channels in a variety of different places in order to manage & organize their work simply according to the particular areas. These outlets are referred normally as company’s branch. The sales departments in these branches are handled by the mid level sales staff who directly report to higher level ales directorial staff. These staff members usually work in teams while leading the sales team to fulfill the sales goal provided to them by the senior heads. The mid level sales staff hierarchy includes following job profiles. Have a quick look –

Sales Staff Hierarchy

  • Sales Branch Manager
  • Assistant Sales Branch Manager
  • Sales Specialist I
  • Sales Manager
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Lead Development Officer
  • Inside Sales Consultant
  • Sales Consultant
  • Sales Coordinator
  • Junior Sales Consultant
  • Sales Support
  • Sales Specialist II

Entry Level Sales Staff Titles

This is the lowest level in the sales staff hierarchy. This level incorporates professional who are always obligatory in any Business Staff Hierarchy. Generally professionals at this level are appointed for this level even if they acquire zero practice & experience in the requisite field. These are basically frontier associates who are directed to follow the orders of their senior heads. The entry level sales staff titles includes following job profiles. Just have a quick look at these sales staff titles –

  • Team Leader
  • Senior Sales Analyst
  • Quality Analyst
  • Customer Care Representative
  • Sales Analyst
  • Sales Associate
  • Sales Representative
  • Sales Person
  • Sales Trainee