Business Staff Hierarchy

A business has all sorts of staff members working together for the profit of the business. Business can be simply defined as the legal entity where cluster of people get assembled in order to conduct profitable & non profitable business. Business staff will be all those persons who are hired legally by the company on permanent or temporary basis. The business staff work for the company and get paid in return by the company on monthly basis.

All the staff members of the business staff hierarchy enjoy rights that a government set for their country people who work as workers. The position of every staff member in the corporate world is always arranged in a methodical hierarchy with the boss at the uppermost level while employees at lower levels. In this article we are explaining the main ranks in this business staff hierarchy starting with the rank with highest power and continuing with those with lower power and authority. These are:

Business Staff Hierarchy
Business Staff Hierarchy

Chairman – Well this is the highest level of a business but it may or may not be a part of the business staff hierarchy. Since some companies hire a chairman for the company whiles in some the major share holder of the board directors acquire this title.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – The CEO is also termed as an executive chairman in the business staff hierarchy. A CEO takes the domination in its hand in case the chairman is not present by any reason. CEO is the pinnacle ranking professional in the executive officers level. A CEO is majorly responsible for taking all the major decisions for the company with the board of directors and chairman.

GM (General Manager) – The next in the hierarchy is a general manager, a professional handling all the functional areas of a business. These include planning, management of cost elements, staffing, decision making and organizing etc.

Administrative Professionals – As the name implies, these professionals are essentially responsible for organizing & handling several administrative management for the businesses in the business staff hierarchy. There are many sub levels in this rank as described below:

  • Marketing Officials – These professionals take care of the marketing department for the business.
  • Technology Officials – Technology manager is occasionally also referred to as a chief technical officer. These professionals in hierarchy take care of the company’s technology branch along with the company’s R&D process.
  • Human Resources Officials – HR is an administrative level in this hierarchy who takes care of the human resources department for the business.
  • Sales Officials – These professionals manage the sales sector for the business.
  • Financial Officials– These professionals manage the financial department for the business.

Non – Administrative Professionals – This rank is at the lowest level Business Staff Hierarchy. These staff members possess lesser influence in the company but are equally important in the business & hence in the hierarchy. These involve –

  • Helpers
  • Supervisors
  • Security Staff
  • Cleaners