Singapore Business Hierarchy

Singapore is well known for its global business culture. Major business houses have their corporate office for Asia pacific region in Singapore. It ranks very high in business friendliness. This country has system which assures ease in commencing the business, registration procedures, dealing with permits, tax payments and protection of creditors.  Singapore business hierarchy is well known for its composite structure and efficiency. Senior level management has sole power of decision making in Singapore business culture. Singapore business hierarchy is host of structural approaches. Networking is very important part of Singapore business culture. Conferences, workshops and training events are famous networking venues. Singapore business culture is great combination of its history, geography, past, tradition and climate. Now traditional Singapore business hierarchy is changing with change of time and adopting new methods. The companies like Singapore airlines and Temasek are best examples of Singapore business hierarchy.

Following is structure of Singapore business hierarchy

Singapore Business Hierarchy
Singapore Business Hierarchy
  • Managing director
  • Chief executive officer
  • Senior level management
  • Managers
  • Executive officer
  • Staff

Managing Director

He is the eldest person of family run business in Singapore. His decision is final in all matters. He has to prepare strategic plan of company for its development. He has also to oversee the complete advancement of business. He has to provide vision to organization and lead the company. Principally a managing director is appointed to implement the business plans and keep a close eye on how the business is being run.

Chief Executive Officer

CEO is appointed by managing directors to look after administrative affairs of the company. Major role of chief executive officer is building as well as maintaining client’s relationship. He has to implement all decision taken by senior level managements in organization. He has to create new business sources to enhance company’s profit.

Senior level management

This is generally board of directors generally appointed by managing directors or elected by shareholders. They assist managing director in decision making as well as look after to maintain financial flow for smooth operation of organization. They also look after new recruitment and evaluate annual performance of chief executive officer.


They must have the ability to identify and understand client needs. They have to motivate below staff to meet targets and deadlines. The prime duty of managers is to run day to day operation, maintain quality control as well as ensure services and products are meeting with customers need. They have to review company’s budgetary, production and financial goals constantly.


These people generally serve as supervisors for the company. They have to supervise work of staff and report to higher authority. They serve as mediator between top level management and ground level staff. In some cases they have to serve as point of contact between the company and the client.


This group generally consists of technical and non technical people. They are most important segment of company.  They work very hard to implement company policies in reality decided by management. The growth of company always depends upon performance of staff.

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