Soccer Team Hierarchy

Soccer is among world’s one of the most famous and loved games. It is actually played in more than 200 countries and on an average, 250 million soccer players are there that play this game. A total of 11 players in each team play this game with a spherical ball, termed as football. In some countries it is referred to as football.

Soccer team hierarchy demonstrates all the people who are involved in this game professionally customized in a proper hierarchy according to their roles in the game. The Soccer team hierarchy is described below.

Soccer Team Hierarchy

Let us have a quick look at the soccer team hierarchy which is as follows

  • Players
  • Management Members
  • Non – Playing Members
  • Medical Staff


 A total of 11 players are allowed each team but only 7 are allowed to play in the field. Rest 4 players act as substitute for the team. Soccer is one such game which allows mixed gender (both males and females) to play from same team.

Management Members

The management members are those who are not players but have got administrative and management duties to perform for the smooth functioning of the team and game.

  • Administrative Team – This is the utmost power & authority holder group of people for any team around the world. They are liable for the smooth functioning of the team as well as maintain relationship between other boards of the teams around the world and arranging the matches for their team with other teams.
  • Team Management – Team management’s duties only revolve around the team not the entire board. They handle the press conferences, manage the team meetings, player’s schedule etc.
  • Non – Playing Members – These are non-playing members but are equally important. These are those professionals who assist the players for any sort of their requirement. This level is sub categorized as following three sub categories. These are –
    • Coaching Team – The coaching team serves the purpose of providing training & coaching to the players. It’s their duty to be available to all the players whenever they need some help for the game and their playing technique. They also organize coaching & training sessions for the team. Players are required to abide by their coaches.
    • Technical Team – The technical team are basically computer professionals whose core duty is to provide technical training support to the players before & after matches. The players seek their help to improve their game and technique.
    • Supportive Staff – Every soccer team has a supportive staff team that helps the team & players for the entire minor to major work. These are responsible for extending their support whenever required in any aspect of the team.
  • Medical Staff – A medical staff incorporates medical personnel serving the team members in case of any health issues. These include masseurs, physiotherapists, doctors etc and many more. They are always around the team during any league to provide their assistance.

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