Sopranos Family Hierarchy

Soprano crime family is a fictional mafia family belonging to the hit HBO series known as The Sopranos.  This series is loosely based on the real mafia family called DeCavalcante which functioned in the New Jersey areas.  The Soprano crime family constitutes of a six crews and an administration.

Like many other criminal families and mafia groups, even the Sopranos have a certain hierarchical structure based on which the task and responsibilities get divided. The one at the top holds the maximum power and most responsibility. To know more about the Sopranos family hierarchy, you can go through the following given information.

sopranos family hierarchyAdministration

The administration of the Sopranos consisted of those family members who handled the managerial and administrative tasks and made most of the decisions for the entire group to follow. The following are the various family members belonging to this wing of the Sopranos:


Anthony Tony Sopranos served as the acting boss from 1999 to 2005 after which we took over the family as the official boss. The boss held the topmost position in the family and took all the major decisions. He gave orders, made plans and no one could go against him.


Silvio ‘Sil’ Dante served as the Consigliere from early 2000. He reported directly to the Boss and was given a lot of power and responsibility by the Boss. The Consigliere was responsible for making sure that every major crime committed went smoothly.


The Underboss was the number 3 man of the Boss and this title was given to Paulie Gaultieri. The Underboss took charge of many activities which ensured a smooth run of the mafia gang. Many soldiers and other members of the family reported to the Underboss and worked as per his orders.


The Capos were those members of the Sopranos who worked as per the orders of the administrative staff and handled many different divisions of the business. There were many Capos working simultaneously within the family and some of them are mentioned below.

Elizabeth-Lorenzo ‘Larry Boy’ Barese was one of the Capos and was arrested for fraud in the year 1999.

West Orange/Essex County-Peter P Gaultieri was also one of the Capos and he took over Tony Soprano in 2000.

Newark-Pasquale Patsy Parisi was also Capos of the team Sopranos and handled several divisions for the family. His son Patrick was engaged to Tony Soprano’s daughter Meadow Soprano.

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