Spain Business Hierarchy

Every businessman wants to earn profit from his investment. He made huge investment to establish business.  Efficient business hierarchy is backbone of any business. The growth of any country depends upon growth of industry. Industry offers millions job opportunities as well as provide revenue to country through taxes. Spain business hierarchy is great example of labor mobility as well as etiquette.

Individualism is dominant in the Spain business structure hierarchy. Teamwork has less impotence in Spain business culture.  But because of new challenges and need of new market, old mindset Spain Business Hierarchy is changing at high speed. Still some family owned business houses and government undertakings are operate in typical traditional Spanish way that with strictly separated division as well as strong Spain business hierarchy system.

Spain Business Hierarchy

Following is tree of Spain business hierarchy

Managing Director

He is generally the owner of the company. He has to make strategy plan of the company and it is his sole responsibility.  His major responsibility lies in taking major decisions for the organization and coordinating with managers in execution of the major tasks of the company. He is directly responsible for loss or profit of an organization. He is highest authority of the company. Hence future of company depends upon skill and efficiency of managing director.

Broad of Directors

They assist managing director to run the business. They have to monitor execution of strategy. They have to also monitor the quality of product as well as service. The major role of board of directors is to valuate performance of senior level managers and financial viability. They have also tackled the stakeholder issues and other concerns.

Senior Managers

They have to deal with resources, resistance identification and organizational development. They have to set strategic business development plans and work to achieve them. They have to make improvements by visual managements, audit, layered standard work and more. They have to motivate subordinate staff to bring out their best for the welfare of the company.


The role of executive in Spanish company is challenging as well as exciting. This is job is combination of many things like strategic marketing as well as sales, creation of marketing strategies, negotiating or closing deals. He helps company to grow by generating revenue directly or indirectly. He also evaluates business opportunities as well as access to market. He meets with company partners and potential clients to built company’s resources.


These are the people who actually implement company’s policies in reality. It includes both skilled labors as well as unskilled people. They work on ground level for the benefit of the company. They are company’s greatest asset. They work hard to establish brand of company as well as customers satisfaction.

Present day Spanish work customs have been engraved by so many outside influences. This effective business etiquette culture is now being adopted by many countries for high business growth.