Subway Management Hierarchy

Subway is an American fast food restaurant chain. They specialize in making various types of submarine (sub) sandwiches, personal pizza, and salads. The owner of this restaurant chain is Doctor’s Associates Inc., As of September 2014, the chain has 42,673 restaurants in 108 countries.

Since it is such a huge chain, it definitely has some hierarchy. The restaurant follows the Matrix management system. The main feature of this system is dual reporting system, which is against the traditional system of establishing reporting relationships.

The organizational structure of the restaurant management is given below:

Subway management hierarchy

Chief Executive

The chief executive in the case of Subway is the highest post in the ladder of corporate hierarchy. He or she is in charge of taking all the decisions regarding the projects, their tenure, and all other aspects.

Functional Manager

The next person in the chain is the functional manager. The functional managers, have the responsibility to see to it that the professional who are under them smoothly runs all the projects that are being undertaken.

Manager of Project Managers

Under the chief executive there is another rank, known as manager of the project manager. They enjoy the same rank as the functional manager and are supposed to supervise the project managers working under them.

Project Manager

Under the managers of the project manager is the project managers. They can be temporary or permanent depending upon the nature of the project. Permanent project managers are higher in ranks than the temporary project managers, whose position can change according to the status of the project.


Under the functional manager are the staff of the restaurant. This section can be divided into 2 parts, namely, permanent and temporary. The temporary staffs obviously belong to the lower rank among them.

The management of the restaurant has 5 functions, namely,

  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Staffing
  • Directing
  • Controlling


The managers of the restaurant, are supposed to identify suitable projects for the company to pursue. They also set the goals and chart the course of action through which those goals are reached. The functional managers set these goals, and then project managers are given responsibility of projects for a stipulated time.


In this section, it is the duty of the managers to create a sort of organizational relationship among various workers, to ensure the highest productivity. In case of Subway, the whole set is divided into various sub committees to ensure better performance.


Proper staffing is a duty of the managers, maintain the best working atmosphere. One needs to identify the gaps in the workforce and recruit people in order to fill them up accordingly.


The manager is meant to determine the action which needed to be followed. This helps the employee to understand their precise role in the organization.


This is where the manager is supposed to evaluate the achievement of the organization, and how it can do better.

This is in short how the Subway hierarchy functions.