Texas Education Hierarchy

Texas has over 1000 school districts and 36 separate and distinct public universities. Texas, like any other place or city in the world follows a certain education hierarchy or level system according to which a student can pass onto a higher level or class only after successfully completing or passing the current level.

Beginning from nursery education to primary and then secondary education, Texas gives a lot of stress to completion of atleast post -secondary education. Besides this, the state also includes tertiary education in its education hierarchy. To know more about the education hierarchy system in America, Texas, you can read the following given information.

texas education hierarchyPrimary Level Education

The most basic level of education in Texas is known as primary level education from where a child begins his/her first formal learning. Texas has several play schools and pre nursery schools where children above the age of 2-3 can be admitted. These schools are basically focused on providing basic learning, sharing and adapting education. After this comes the primary school which starts from nursery and then goes on till the child turns about 11-12 years.

Secondary Level Education

The next level of education in Texas is Secondary level education.This is the middle level education in the state which supports the elementary education and is a must for every child to complete.  The schools which provide secondary education in Texas are known as High schools and this education goes until the student turns 17-18.

Tertiary Level Education

The higher level education in Texas is referred to as tertiary level education and this education level starts after the successful completion of secondary level or high school. Tertiary level education helps a student specialize in the area of interest or excellence and is further sub-divided into a few more levels which the student can move forward upon. These further subdivisions are given as follows:

  • Bachelor’s degree/diploma-a student can opt to either study a bachelor’s degree course or a diploma course after completing schooling. While a degree course goes on for about 3-4 years, a diploma course or an associate degree lasts for 1-2 years.
  • Master’s degree/diploma-after completing bachelor’s degree or diploma, one can choose to pursue master’s degree or diploma. A master’s degree goes on for 1-2 years whereas a diploma may take less time.
  • Doctorate-this is the highest level education that one can attain in Texas and can take around 3-5 years to complete.