USA Hospital Staff Hierarchy

Hospitals in USA are known to be one of the best in the world and also the most organized and disciplined. One reason behind this is the fact that they function and operate based on a certain structure or hierarchical order. The staff at a USA hospital is placed on levels according to their education, qualifications and experience.

The staff consists of not just the doctors and nurses but also the non practicing administrative staff. If you wish to know about and understand the hierarchy among USA hospital staff, you can go through the following given information.

USA Hospital Staff Hierarchy

Dean of the Hospital

It is the dean who can be considered as the main head of any hospital. He holds the highest or the uppermost position in any hospital of USA. He has the main decision making power and the highest authority among all the administrative level officials. He also takes major financial and administrative decisions by taking consultation and advice of some other administrators.

Hospital Administrators

In the field of healthcare and medical science, hospital administrators play a vital role. They are the ones who manage, supervise and administer the hospital staff and make sure everything runs in order. These healthcare professional lie at the top level hospital management. They basically take the help of the dean and follow his/her orders.  They must make plans, strategies and roadmaps for the hospital and also provide financial and admin help to solve the issues of the hospital.

Specialist Surgeons

At the next position in a USA hospital come the specialist surgeons.  The specialist surgeons hold a lot of importance in any hospital and are considered as the top level physicians. They are the master of their field and come to this position after years of experience, training and practice. They sometimes also play the role of specialized administrators.

Normal Specialists

Normal specialists are those healthcare professionals in a US hospital who lie at the mid-level and have a strong command over their field or subject. They are known as specialists and specialize in specific fields like Urologists, cardiologists, oncologists and others. Normal specialists are present in all US hospitals and their role is of paramount importance.

Silent Doctors

Silent doctors have their own importance in any US hospital.  They are the medical professionals who perform specific duties and have certain titles given to them like anesthesiologists, radiologists and pathologists.  They work at mid-level positions in a hospital.


The nursing department comes at the next level and consists of several nurses like head nurse, senior nurse and others. They are placed within this segment according to their level of education, qualification, experience or specialization.

Physician Assistant

These are those professionals who assist the physicians or doctors during various medical treatments and operations and come at a rather entry level position.

Medical Student or Interns

These are the lowest level positions in US hospital staff hierarchy and are those individuals who are pursuing their medical degree and practicing in the hospital is a part of their training.