Video Game Company Hierarchy

A video game company is a business which works on the main aim or motive of creating user friendly video games by using the latest technology, expert graphics, unique gameplay and a cost effective nature. Video game companies do not only consist of game designers but have a lot of job positions and designations which make all the operations possible for successful outcomes. Starting from the company owner and down to the sales executives, the job hierarchy is well defined and detailed. Read on to find this out in detail.

video game company hierarchy

Company Owner

A video game company is owned by a certain individual who takes all the major financial, managerial and other decisions and is responsible for formation of the rest of the jobs in the company. The owner is the chief managing director who heads the management and further has several other job positions under him.The following are all of the possible job designations that lie under that of the owner of a video gaming company.

  • Marketing Team Manager
  • Business manager
  • Administrative manager
  • Sales manager
  • Publicity manager
  • Coordinators
  • Assistant managers

Game Designers

The entire technical aspect of a video game company is handled by the game designers who form the main stay of the business and upon whom lies the responsibility of creating top quality products or games. These individuals are responsible for deciding the game play, blueprint and idea of the game and are also required to present this idea to the artists and programmers who will make the game possible.  Game designers must make games that are of high appeal to the audiences and are practical to sell. The following are the job positions which come under the position of a game designer:

  • Senior game designer
  • Junior game designer
  • Designing managers
  • Visual designers
  • Team leaders
  • Designing expert


Another important category of workers working at a video game company are the programmers who take the game idea and design from the game designers and apply computer programming to it to make the entire game possible.  They write codes for the game and make them technically possible. The following are some of the positions within the programmers:

  • Lead programmers
  • Senior programmers
  • Junior programmers
  • Coders
  • Testers
  • Tool programmers
  • Troubleshooting executives
  • Programming assistants
  • Engine programmers
  • Programming secretary


As far as the visual aspect of a game is concerned, artists are required to create striking characters, backgrounds and provide a certain attractive appeal to the game.  They must draw images or characters and all the backgrounds as per the designs and ideas of the game designers the following are some of the positions that fall under this category of workers in a video game company:

  • Character artists
  • Concept artists
  • Texture artists
  • Artist managers
  • Assistant artists
  • Senior artists
  • Junior artists
  • Background artists
  • Support technicians
  • Artist secretaries