Business Analyst Job Hierarchy

Business analysis is a process through which companies evaluate and analyze the business activities, processes and procedures which are being followed or performed.  By doing business analysis, a company comes to know about its efficiency and becomes aware of those areas which need to be strengthened.  For the continuous growth and success of any organisation, business analysis is highly important and so are business analysts hierarachy

A company can have either one business analyst or whole department or group dedicated to performing analysis. Depending upon the size of a company, the hierarchical systems of business analyst jobs may differ but a detailed view of the same is provided to broadly define business analyst job hierarchy.

A) Enterprise Level Business Analyst Jobs

The topmost level or the senior most level of business analyst jobs can be termed as the enterprise level.  These individuals are often highly skilled analysts who add great value to an organisation and are mainly responsible for in-depth research and analysis work.  After researching, they help the company to choose and let go projects on the basis of their possible benefits and feasibility.  The following are a few positions comprising of this section:

1.  Consulting analyst

2. CTO

 B) Senior Level Business Analyst’s Jobs

Senior level business analysts mentor other analysts hired by the company and possess strong analytical skills. They must possess a rich working experience in the field of analysis and should be able to drive the business analysis practice.  The following is the hierarchy structure within this branch of business analyst jobs.

1. Senior analyst

2. Senior business analyst

3. Senior IT analyst

4.  financial analyst

5. SME

6. Business process analyst

7. Product management analyst

8. Vendor management analyst

C) Mid-Level Business Analyst Jobs

Depending upon the kind of business or industry, the scope and duties of mid-level business analysts may vary and some organisations may not even consist of this section of analysts.  But in larger business organisations, middle level business analysts work under the senior level analysts and execute analysis and research work. The following are some positions within this branch, divided on the basis of hierarchy:

1. Business development analyst

2. Sales and marketing analyst

3. Lead analyst

D) Entry Level Business Analyst Jobs

All business analysts begin their analyst careers through the entry level positions in business organisations.  Generally, fresh business or engineering graduates are appointed at these positions and are supervised by mid-level or senior level analysts.

1. Developers

2. Industry experts

3. Domain experts

4. Business administration graduates