Capgemini Hierarchy structure

Capgemini is a multinational company of French origin and works in the field of consultancy. The headquarter of Capgemini is situated in Paris, the capital of France, but it has branch offices almost all over the world. The company employs around 145000 people in 40 countries of the world. Like most other companies of such a stature, Capgemini also have a hierarchical inner structure. From the level of the lowest employee to the highest level a pyramid like structure exists, and therefore in order to reach at a specific level, you need to work for sometimes in a lower section. The hierarchical structure of the company is explained below.

Capgemini hierarchy structure

At the highest level of a career in Capgemini hierarchy, there is the Vice president, followed by the principal, the managing consultant, and others, with the analyst at the lowest level of the hierarchy.

  • Vice President- At the Capgemini Consultancy Company, the Vice President is the topmost leader. There can be more than one vice president at a time, providing leadership to the company. It is their duty to guide the company towards the right channels and avenues. In order to become a Vice president in the Capgemini company, only skill and talent is not sufficient, but years of experience and a good track record is also needed.
  • Principal- The immediate second rank to the vice president in the company belongs to the Principal. He or she is also an important leader of business. It is the duty of the principle to produce projects of high impact and high levels and thereby forming food business relations with important companies. It is also the responsibility of the principal to create teams which are properly qualified to deal with specific projects.
  • Managing consultant- Next in the hierarchical structure of the company is the managing consultant. In the company, this position is respected by all as it is a very important one. The managing consultant has a number of duties such as, proving leadership to a team of consultants, increasing the volume of business with the help of add on sales, making sure that the projects are delivered at the right time, and managing other important aspects of the business.
  • Senior Consultant- The next person in the company hierarchy is the senior consultant. In order to become a senior consultant one needs years of experience along with specific skills. A senior consultant can work on his own or with a team, depending on the demands of the project. At times they head small teams and sees to it that deadlines are met. He or she also deals with the client.
  • Consultant- Under the guidance of a senior consultant works one or more consultants. They work in a team using their skills and knowledge and often have to understand the requirement of the client and work accordingly.
  • Analyst- An analyst stands at the lowest tier of the company hierarchy. In some places this position does not exists, in most others they are supervised by consultants and senior consultants.

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