Engineering Management Hierarchy

Engineering is not a small field, indeed it is vast in expansion, and has several sub sections. The division in the field is based on the work they do in various sectors. For example, civil engineering is an important sub stream of the engineering stream. Every field of life there is a hierarchical structure in the companies that work in the engineering sector. The companies that work on the issues of commerce related to engineering are called as engineering company. In the management of these companies, like all other companies, there is a hierarchy in existence.

The hierarchy in the engineering company is based upon the job profiles, the power, and authority of the said person in the organization, and his or her duties. According to these points, the hierarchical set up is build. There are three types of hierarchy to be found in these companies, namely, Administrative engineering level hierarchy, managerial engineering company level hierarchy, and operational engineering company level hierarchy.

Engineering management hierarchy

Administrative Engineering Level Hierarchy

This is the level where the decision making body of a company is situated. The people who belong to this section are mainly responsible for making all the decisions for running the company. There can be a number of people in this section of the company, such as, the engineering chairman, the engineering vice president, the information-engineering director, the chief executive engineer etc.

Managerial Engineering Company Level Hierarchy

The duty of these professionals is to manage the work of the lower level professionals of the company. Not only the people belonging to this rank of the company should have high job profiles, they must also have a vast experience to back their claim to these posts. There can be a number of posts in this section like, the hardware system manager, the information-engineering manager, the project manager, the project leader, the senior engineering officer, so on, and so forth.

Operational Engineering Company Level Hierarchy

This is the lowest level of the job branches of an engineering farm. The task of these professionals is to execute the plans formed at the upper levels. These employees are generally fresh graduates, and have much less responsibility than the other two sections. The programmer, the database analyst, the software engineer, the desktop technician, and others belong to this section of the job profile.

The job descriptions may change depending upon the exact nature of the company. For example in the case of civil engineering Company jobs, the managerial level job will include people like

  • Structural engineer 1
  • Assistant project manager
  • Structural engineer 2
  • Civil engineer technical assistant
  • Project leaders, etc.

For this section of the company, the main duty is to check the assigned projects to them at the senior level, is finished within the stipulated time, and yield the expected result.

Hence, this is the typical hierarchical structure of the engineering sector, with a few modifications of different things as required by the different sub section of the engineering section.