Hierarchies of Civil Engineering Jobs

There are many categories in the field of engineering. One such category is civil engineering. Civil engineers are professionals who plan many types of structures like buildings, roads, highways, bridges, tunnels, railway lines, airports, dams, subways, harbors and water and waste treatment system and plants. Civil engineers also carry on environmental studies in order to prevent soil and water contamination during construction.

These professionals’ duties include ensuring safety regulations for the project being built. Civil engineers find work in engineering companies, architectural firms, construction businesses and within all levels of government. Normally the civil engineers specialize in only one area such as environmental, structural, hydraulics, construction, sanitary, transportation or even soil mechanics engineering. The major levels in the hierarchy of civil engineering construction jobs are described as designations from the beginning of the career to the highest career level attained in brief as below in this article:

Hierarchies of Civil Engineering Jobs
Hierarchies of Civil Engineering Jobs

Senior Level Jobs

The exquisite professionals at the senior level are more involved into verdict making processes for the organization (private as well government). They have to handle all the administrative related tasks and lead the entire team effectually. These high-level professionals team up with specialized senior architects for designing the entire project. They have to focus immensely on a great deal of safety while determining the best elements and methods for meticulous type of projects. Following are few profiles that acquire highest level in the hierarchy.

  • Chief Engineering Officer
  • Chief Technical Officer
  • Senior Civil Engineer
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Senior Manager – Project Planning
  • Project Administrator
  • Design Engineer
  • City Engineer

Middle Level Jobs

This level features the job profiles at middle managerial levels. The professionals at the middle level jobs of the hierarchy of civil engineering jobs are required to work exquisitely under the supervising of senior engineer following their guidelines and order to fulfill the task assigned. Majorly they handle particular sections of major civil projects and are required to smoothline the activities of the assigned project. Normally the companies ask for at least a bachelor’s degree in the civil engineering for these job titles.

  • Structural Engineer I
  • Assistant Project Manager
  • Associate Design Engineer
  • Civil Engineering Manager
  • Structural Engineer II
  • Railroad Design Consultant
  • Research Hydraulic Engineer
  • Civil Engineer Technical Assistant
  • Project Leader

Lower Level Jobs

These are the lower level job titles with professionals having little experience in the field. Some of the professional in this level of the hierarchy do not even possess little experience. These are fresher who have just completed their associate’s degree of engineering. These work as trainee in the companies to gain vital experience in the industry. These hard working professionals report directly to the middle level engineers.

  • Application Engineer
  • Help Desk Technician
  • Database Administrator
  • Civil Engineering Associate
  • Analyst
  • Assistant Civil Engineer
  • Security Specialist
  • Junior Engineer
  • Trainee