Event Company Hierarchy

An event management company is a type of an Organisation formed by a group of people whose task is to organize events and look after the designing, planning and management of these events for their clients.  Event organizer companies consist of several levels of work and based upon this, the job positions are divided into numerous categories or levels.   Depending upon the size of the company, the hierarchy structure may vary but most large scale companies more or less consists of the same ladder of positions.

The following given description will help you understand the event company hierarchy better:

Event director

The position of the event director is the most important and also the topmost position on the hierarchy chart of an event management company or team.  He/she is the one responsible for directing and looking after the smooth functioning of the entire event.

Within the supervision of an event director are the departments of the event company and they are mentioned in the below given lines:

A) Programmer Coordination Department

This is the department which looks after the coordination of the event and makes sure that everything from ceremonies to tabulation etc. runs in smooth order and proper synchronization.  It has several other job positions, as mentioned below:

  •  Event coordinator
  •  Event planner
  • Computer scorer
  • Ceremony manager
  •  Programmer coordinator

B) Venue Coordination Department

The other department which an event director supervises or heads is the venue coordination department. This department has the Venue coordinator on its top position and takes care of tasks like environmental control, risk management, setup team and bookings of venue.

  • Risk manager
  • Environment controller
  •  Booking manager
  • Set up team manager
  • Volunteer manager
  • Volunteers

C) Equipment Coordination Department

Since an event must consist of many types of equipment, larger event management companies employ full departments to look after the equipments such as sound equipments, transport equipments and maintenance equipments.

  • Sound manager
  • Transport manager
  • Driver
  • Cleaning manager
  • Cleaning team member
  • Musicians
  • Dancers

D) Promotion Coordination Department

Since an event needs advertising and promotion, a promotion coordination department is assigned the tasks related to publicity, media liaison, media kits and promotion events.

  • Promotion coordinator
  • Publicity manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Media expert
  • Sales expert
  • Sales executive
  • Marketing executive

E) Officials Coordination Department

This department consists of several sub positions like that of umpires, referees, marshals and master of ceremonies but may not always be a part of a medium or small sized event management company.

  • Umpires
  • Referees
  • Marshal
  •  Master of ceremonies
  • Official coordinator manager

F) Hospitality Coordination Department

Hospitality is an important part of any event and for this larger companies employ hospitality coordination departments to look after Catering Company, reception, sponsorships etc. This department can have several positions like catering head, reception head depending upon the size of the company.

  • Caterer
  • Sponsorship executive
  • Hospital manager

G) Merchandising Coordination Department

Another department which forms a part of an event management company is the merchandising coordination department. This department handles tasks related to sales, giveaways and outfitting of volunteers.

  • Merchandising manager