Facebook Management Hierarchy

Facebook is a social media, which was initially named “facemash” and then “the Face book,” before acquiring the real name. It started as a hobby project, but grew rapidly, initially among students of Harvard, Stanford, and Yale, and later among general masses.

In 2005, a domain name Facebook.com was registered, and it saw a phenomenal expansion after that. At present, it has more than 750 million users worldwide, with USA having the most number of Facebook users, followed by India and other countries. However, 70% of the Facebook users are located outside the USA.

A huge company like Facebook is bound to have a hierarchical set up. Earlier, according to its employees, the company had flat hierarchy, but nowadays it is becoming more corporate in nature, which obviously has some cons. The hierarchical set up of Facebook is as follows.

Facebook management hierarchy

CEO and the Board of Directors

The Company is headed by a group of directors, better known as board of directors, among whom the CEO, who is also the founder of the company, occupies the topmost position.

The second rank of the company constituted of a few chief officers such as

  • Chief Financial Officer: The duty of the chief financial officer is to lead the teams of finance, facilities, and information technology.
  • Chief Technology Officer: The current chief technology officer is also the vice president of the engineering section, and it is his duty to gather the speed and creativity of the company, and construct products, services, and infrastructure.
  • Chief Product Officer: It is the responsibility of the chief products officer to lead the global teams of Facebook’s product management and design.

Chief Operating Officer

There is also a chief operating officer in the rank, whose duty is to oversee all the operations undertaken by the firm, from marketing, to resource development, to communication, human resources, mobile, platform Advertising and global platform, etc. Each of these operations is headed by one person and is supervised by the COO.


Under the board of directors is the head of the security operations too. Under this department is Security services department headed be another person, which looks into the security issues of the social network company.


The department of product consists of product and advertisement, and again head by one person, who is responsible for all the related services.


There is also a legal department, which deals with the public policy concerning Facebook.


The engineering section have several sub sections such as Infrastructure engineering, software developments, and engineering and product.

Communication and Marketing

This section has consumer marketing team and platforms, public relations under its scope.


There is also a treasurer working under the CFO of the company in charge of finance.

There are also some committees headed by one chairperson each and a few members, such as the compensation committee, the governance committee etc.

This hierarchical set up keeps the extremely popular social networking site function the way it does.

This is the structure of Facebook Management Hierarchy. Also know about Hierarchy of Facebook vs Google.