Marketing Agency Hierarchy

Marketing agency hierarchy portrays all the levels of management in any marketing agency. The marketing agencies are the companies or businesses that oversee the entire marketing associated issues along with projects for any company (client). Marketing agencies have professional who are proficient in all this & that if marketing. They work ardently to provide their client with through results. Basically the Marketing Agency hierarchy can be broadly categorized in three divisions that properly define the hierarchy. This hierarchy is explained below in a descending order means the highest level is positioned at the pinnacle while the lowest one is positioned at the end. Have a quick look at the marketing agency hierarchy –

Uppermost Marketing Agency Career Level

The foremost level in the marketing agency hierarchy is the uppermost marketing agency career level.  This specific level portrays those professionals who have got administrative level powers and authorities. They are the decision makers for the marketing company. The various job profiles at this level of the marketing agency hierarchy include:

  • Marketing Agency Director
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • National Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Agency Manager
  • Market Information and Intelligence Manager
  • Sales Administrator
  • Market Distribution Manager
  • Control Manager
  • Sales Promotion Manager
  • Marketing Agency Analyst I
  • Marketing Agency Administrator
  • Zonal Marketing Manager
  • Post Sales Administrator
  • Customer Service Manager

Central Marketing Agency Career Level

These professional who form central marketing agency career level are also termed as executive professionals. These professionals have got a specific team along with marketing goals & targets as directed by higher level administrative professionals. Their decision has to be first finalized by the senior officials. They are to respond for the outcome of their team. The various job profiles at this level of the marketing agency hierarchy include:

Marketing Agency Hierarchy

  • State Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Agency Analyst II
  • Assistant Marketing Agency Manager
  • Strategic Marketing Program Analyst
  • District Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Specialist I
  • Marketing Branch Manager
  • Assistant Marketing Branch Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Senior Lead Development Officer
  • Inside Marketing Consultant
  • Marketing Specialist II
  • Lead Development Officer
  • City Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Consultant

Subordinate Marketing Agency Career Level

This level is the lowest most in the marketing agency hierarchy and is also termed as subordinate marketing agency career level. This level consists of mixed professionals – some who are totally fresher in the field while some having vital experience of the field. These professionals work on ground base for the company’s marketing operations and act as face or representative for the company for a layman. The various job profiles at this level of the marketing agency hierarchy include:

  • Territory Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Support Associates
  • Marketing Team Leader
  • Junior Marketing Consultant
  • Senior Market Analyst
  • Market Representative
  • Market Analyst
  • Junior Marketing Analyst
  • Marketing Associate
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Marketing Associates
  • Marketing Trainee