Product Management Team Hierarchy

Product Management is a managerial lifecycle role within a corporation that ardently deals with the development, planning, marketing and forecasting of any product at all stages of its lifecycle. This role is broadly divided into two parts – the product development and the product marketing.

These two roles are totally different yet inter-related to each other and totally dependent on each other. In actual practice these two roles complement each other while completing each other. The functionality of product management portrays numerous activities ranging from strategic & tactical to practically executing and many more. Product Management team hierarchy successfully and efficiently explains these two roles in a specified manner. All the associated work profiles have been mentioned in a descending order.

The Product Development Team

This department of the Product Management team hierarchy portrays the product development process. In simple word the entire manufacturing process of the product for the company is handled and managed by this team. These professional take control of each & every small to big detail regarding the manufacturing of the product. This team incorporates several marketing job profiles that are described below in a descending order. Have a quick look .

Product Management Team Hierarchy

  • Product developer Director
  • Product developer Chief Executive
  • Product developer Manager
  • Product developer Administrator
  • Product developer Strategic Planner
  • Product developer Designer
  • General Manager
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Production Inspector
  • Purchase Administrator
  • Asst. Purchase Administrator
  • Manufacturing Technician
  • Inventory Manager
  • Inventory Coordinator
  • Store & Warehouse In-charge
  • Material Manager
    • Industrial Engineer
    • Industrial Specialist
    • Testing Specialist
    • Electromechanical Technician
    • Manufacturing Process Engineer
    • Manufacturing Technician
    • Manufacturing Production Manager
    • Master Scheduler
    • Electronic Assembler
    • Machine Operators
    • Electrician
    • Carpenter
    • Carpenter Apprentice
      • Material Handler
      • Metal Worker
      • General Laborer

The Product Marketing Team

This department of the Product Management marketing team hierarchy takes control over the marketing, branding & promotion of the developed product. This team also has equal importance as of the product development team since what is the significance of the developed product if the targeted audience is not aware of that product. This team incorporates several job profiles that are described below in a descending order. Have a quick look –

  • Head of Product Marketer
  • Product Marketer Director
  • Product Marketer Manager
  • Product Marketer Administrator
  • Product Marketer Strategic Planner I
  • Senior Marketing & Sales Engineer
  • Lead Development Officer
  • Product Marketer Strategic Planner II
  • Marketing &Sales Engineer
  • Marketing Specialist I
  • Marketing Specialist II
  • Junior Marketing &Sales Engineer
  • Inside Marketing Consultant
  • Product Marketer Analyst
  • Product Marketer Associate
  • Product Marketer Representative
  • Product Marketer Trainee