Sales Management Hierarchy

Sales management is defined as a process in which, the various sales operations are being controlled so as to enhance the growth of the organization. Sales are an inevitable part of any form of business and a management team is highly required for practically implementing the different sales techniques in a successful way.

The two important parameters of sales management are sales planning and sales reporting. In the sale planning process; the sales targets are being set and various strategies for meeting the targets are being developed. In the sales reporting process, all the accomplishments of the sales department of the organization are being drafted.

A sales management hierarchy plays a very important role in proper flow of information and the effective accomplishment of the tasks within the sales department. Let’s talk about the various sales job positions from top to bottom, prevalent in the sales management hierarchy:

Sales Management Hierarchy
Sales Management Hierarchy
  • Director of Sales
  • Vice President- Sales
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Branch Manager
  • Sales Team Leader
  • Sales Associates


Director of Sales

The director of sales is the professional, who is responsible for the achievements of the sales targets. The director plays a vital role in developing strong professional relationships with the shareholders, developing and implementing various sales plans and strategies and in providing support to the sales team. Moreover, the director conducts business reviews at periodic intervals of time and makes plans to develop effective marketing channels.

Vice President-Sales

The vice president of the sales management hierarchy is also a key member of the senior management. The main job role of the professional is to create and execute various operational strategies relating to sales, so as to meet the stipulated business objectives. S/he analyses the changing trends in the sales and marketing and develops specific plans in order to efficiently respond to those changes.

In addition, the vice president also attends the sales presentations, manages the customer relationships, and also develops different sales training programs for the new employees of the organization.

Regional Sales Manager

The main job role of a regional sales manager is to achieve the sales target of the company in a particular geographical area. The regional manager develops plans to sell the products and services of the organization to the customers of a particular area, performs various sales presentations to promote the products and services, maintains the sales records, develops sales forecasts and does the needful for customer satisfaction.

Branch Managers

The branch managers lead a group of salespeople in a specific geographical territory. The managers create sales development plans and assist the sales team members in working upon those plans for effective results. They increase the staff motivation through proper guidance and coaching, and participation in the various community affairs.

Sales Team Leaders

The team leaders hold an important rank in the Corporate sales management hierarchy and they manage various activities such as day to day sales planning and execution and development of sales team to provide effective customer satisfaction.

Sales Associates

The sales associate performs the basic duties in order to enhance the sales of an organization. They check up the sales inventory and set up promotional displays and campaigns in order to promote the sales.