Software Company Hierarchy

In these days, software sector is considered to be one of the preeminent career choices for individuals. There are many software companies which are offering not only the desired designations but also paying the good remunerations. Software organizations develop different levels to accomplish the various responsibilities inherent in a software development effort.

Software company hierarchy reflects the roles, authorities and responsibilities for software professionals and contribute towards the growth and development of the company. Software company hierarchy is described below in descending order. Just have a look-

  • Senior or top level professional
  • Middle level professional
  • Entry level professional

Senior Level professionals

 The dedication, commitment and involvement of senior professionals are increasingly recognized as pre-requisites for any successful software organization. These senior professional are highly experienced and practised and are accountable for designing, creating and maintaining effective business connection management plans.

The officials at this level oversee mainly three functions which are software development, finance and marketing. They develop the strategy and design the plan for the benefit of the company and therefore delegate the responsibilities amongst the other software professionals. The designations which are categorised in this section are as follows:

Software Company Hierarchy

  • Board of directors
  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Chief Operation Officer (COO)
  • Chief Finance Officer (CFO)
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)
  • Chief Visionary Officer (CVO)
  • President
  • Vice president

Mid Level Professionals

 Middle level officials play the most important and essential role in growth of software company. They have a strong impact on organization’s performance and development than other professionals of the organization. These professionals use their immense knowledge and years of experience to design the business plans, corporate strategy and management system.

Mid level professional are liable for handling technological and scientific issues in the organization.  These officials communicate with software development professionals to ensure that projects should meet the expectations of clients. Various titles are involved in this section written as follows:

  • Senior Project Manager
  • Project Director/Project Head
  • Project manager
  • Senior Project leader
  • Project leader
  • Senior technical Head
  • Technical Head
  • Senior Quality Analyst
  • Senior Testing Officer
  • Senior Resource Management Officer
  • Human Resource Manager

Entry Level Professionals

 The fresher are appointed at this level. This level is considered to be the stepping stone of their career. They are responsible for preparing reports and maintain records of work accomplishments and administrative information, as required by the middle level officials. They are majorly responsible to accomplish the project on time. For entry level or lower level professionals many training and learning programs are organized by senior level professionals and this will help to motivate and encourage them. The positions in this level are described below:

  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Software developer
  • Junior Developer
  • Programmer analyst
  • Software Testing Officer
  • Quality Testing Officer
  • Team Leader

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