McDonald’s Company Hierarchy

McDonalds is the world’s most popular and successful fast food chain which serves almost 58 million people every day.  With branches spread all over the world, this fast food chain works on the basis of the very efficient staff base, senior administration and support staff.

Each person from the top to the bottom of the hierarchy structure at McDonalds works hard and is important to its functioning. To understand the hierarchy of this fast food company chain, you can go through the following given information.

McDonald’s company hierarchy

Top Level Executives

Like every other big business organization in the world, McDonalds too has several top level or C-level executives who are responsible for decision making,goal setting, finances, operations and ensuring smooth functioning. The following are the top level job positions at McDonalds:

  • CEO
  • Chairman of board
  • Directors
  • CFO
  • Chief restaurant officer
  • COO
  • Senior marketing manager
  • Senior sales manager

Finance Department

The finance department of McDonalds is the department which handles the finance, accounting and money matters of the business. It is responsible for ensuring proper flow of money, right investment and proper handling of the funds. Each country and area has a separate set of finance and accounting managers to handle the finances of that division.

  • Finance country head
  • Finance city/state head
  • Finance manager
  • Accounts manager

Marketing Department

The Marketing Department Hierarchy takes care of the marketing and advertising needs and matters. It ensures that the business gets the right exposure and maintains its brand image effectively. Each country or area has a separate marketing department to handle the advertising and marketing of that area.

  • Marketing country head
  • Marketing city/state head
  • Marketing manager
  • Marketing executives

Sales Department

The sales department is set to ensure that all sales related duties and tasks are properly handled and run effectively. Every country has a separate sales head and other sales employees to ensure the smooth running of the sales departmentof that country.

  • Sales country head
  • Sales city head
  • Sales executives
  • Sales men

Restaurant Level Executives

Besides the owners, directors and other chief executives, each branch of McDonalds in the world is run by a core team the members of which are known as restaurant level executives. The following are the main executives working at this level for the smooth management of each branch.

  • General Manager
  • Restaurant manager
  • 1st assistant manager
  • 2nd assistant manager
  • Shift running manager
  • Floor manager
  • Staff training crew
  • Crew members
  • Support staff
  • Cleaners
  • Servers
  • Cooks
  • bakers

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